Life groups
Focused on deepening our relationship with God and each other, as well as how we can make a real difference in our world, Life Groups and dream teams are the place to be!
If Table
Host: Becky Kenny
Sunday Nights
Host: Donna Simmons
Zoom Meeting: 390 984 72
Password: 172947
Tuesdays at 7 P.M. Starting on 9/15/20
500 Rockhurst street in Buda
The Belonging
Host: Courtney Davidson
Every Other Tuesday at 7:00 pm 
Host: Jason Cude & Kim Hill
Mondays at 7 P.M.
327 Sunnyside Drive in Kyle
Host: Wilson's
Saturday Morning
593 moonwalker trail in Buda
Marriage on the ROCK
Host: Matt and Becky Kenny
605 coyote Creek Way in Kyle
Legacy Zoom
Host: Pastor Doug
Wednesdays at 7:00 pm
Meeting ​ID: 509462249
Dream Teams
Praise and Worship
Team Lead: Jason Cude
Audio & Video
Team Lead: Jason Cude & Matt Kenney
Team Lead: Doneece and Annette
Legacy Students
Team Lead: Abarum and Ali Soard
Legacy Quest
Team Lead: Jason Cude
Set Up & Tear Down
Team Lead: Paul & Courtney
Life Groups
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Dream Team
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